2020 Lil' Tangerine Tournament

Tangerine Poster

The Space Coast Quarter Midget Racing Association and the New Smyrna Quarter Midget Racing Association are excited to announce the 2020 Lil’ Tangerine Tournament! Since the inception of Space Coast both organizations have been excited about what possibilities could be created to further expand Quarter Midget racing within the state of Florida, and the development of this series is a first step to realizing that vision. For families who are already planning on running both local series, this will provide another layer of excitement as points are accumulated during select events throughout the year. For other families who participate at the local level, this is an opportunity to travel to a new track and participate in a traveling series without the expense of out-of-state travel for regional or national shows!

Series FAQ:

  • The cost to enter the series is $50 per car for the year.
  • The series will be using the same dates as the local schedules that have already been scheduled.
  • Points awarded will be used for both local and series points championships.
  • The costs for the local program are still due the day of the race.
  • In order to participate families must be members of both New Smyrna and Space Coast clubs, and must be in good standing with each of the clubs.
  • Points will be awarded based upon finishing order, total points at the end of the season determine finishing order.
  • Awards will be presented to the top three in each eligible class.
  • There will be one (1) drop for the series.
  • Eligible Classes for the series are Jr. Honda, Sr. Honda, Heavy Honda, Light 160 and Heavy 160 ALL COMPETITIVE CLASSES.
  • Local rules for each respective club apply for the running of each race. Refer to the policies and procedures manual for each club for additional information.
  • Rain dates listed for each track can only be used to make-up a race at the scheduled track. A rain-out a Space Coast cannot be used to make-up a date for New Smyrna and vice versa.

We hope to see everyone at the track!

Feb 21New SmyrnaRace #1
Mar 15Space CoastRace #2
Apr 19Space CoastRace #3
Aug 21New SmyrnaRace #4
Sep 25New SmyrnaRace #5
Oct 18Space CoastRace #6
Nov 7New SmyrnaNS Rain Date if needed
Nov 15Space CoastSC Rain Date if needed