Quarter Midget Racing

What Is .25?

Quarter Midget Racing is an automobile racing sport for children 5-16 years old. QM racing has been around in one form or another since before World War II. QM racing associations are run locally by volunteers, organized into regions, and sanctioned by a national body. Today there are two national sanctioning bodies for QM racing, the United States Automobile Club in partnership with NASCAR (USAC) and Quarter Midgets of America (QMA). Each is similar in operation and issue safety regulations, technical specifications, and national event schedules. For discussion purposes “quarter midget racing” and “.25 racing” can be used interchangeably.

Modeled from a full-size midget car the QM car is approximately 1/4 of the size. All current QM cars run air cooled 4-cycle single cylinder Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines. QM cars are direct drive (no clutch) that must be pushed to start. Both car and engine must meet the sanctioning body’s technical/safety specifications to be considered legal at an event. There are a number of chassis manufacturers and engine builders. Basic setup and maintenance of a QM car is the same, but the procedure/process differs based on the type of car/engine you run.

QM sanctioned tracks are oval and approximately 1/20 of a mile. Tracks can be concrete, asphalt, or dirt. They can be banked or flat. Each track provides its own challenges to drivers and crew chiefs alike. Experience at as many tracks as possible makes for a better driver and crew.

Safety features in QM racing include full roll cages, 5/6-point harness systems, full-face helmets, fire retardant race suits and many others. Safety of drivers, crews, and spectators is always the highest priority.

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