December 31, 2022

Sirius Rising New Year’s Eve Race

Sirius is the largest star in the constellation Canis Major & approximately 2x the size of our sun and is the brightest star visible from Earth. On New Year’s Eve, Sirius rises to its highest, brightest point in the night sky.

SCQMRA hosted the inaugural Sirius Rising New Year’s Eve Race on December 31, 2022 with 48 cars registered, including several families from out of state. In true Space Coast form, the race day featured beautiful weather and low-key, fun competition.

Congratulations to all the drivers who competed in the first Sirius Rising, and especially to our champions who took home the hardware: Reid Roggen (Blue Rookie), RJ Deighton (Heavy Honda, Heavy 160, Heavy World Formula), Braylon Morris (Junior Honda, Junior 160), Gavin Gardner (Senior Honda, Light 160), and Blake Crooms (Red Rookie).